Assest Management at the Xtream

As the world transitions to a power system based off renewable energy generation, we are seeing exponential growth in the offshore wind farm sector. As the industry matures several things are happening simultaneously.

  • The size of individual turbines is increasing to capture more wind with longer blades.
  • The scale of individual wind farms in increasing as larger numbers of units are placed on a single site.
  • The distance from shore is getting further as wind farm owners aim to exploit the higher average wind speeds found far from shore.

At the heart of every large-scale offshore wind farm there is at least one offshore high voltage substation. These substations consolidated electrical power from the individual wind turbines and transmit it back to shore where it will connect into the transmission network and from there feed national or transnational electrical power grids with green energy. Many nations are employing offshore wind farm as a major component of their strategy to meet carbon neutral status.

An offshore high voltage substation step-up transformer operates in an environment unlike any other and is subject the stresses and trains of intermittent loading. Failure of these transformers due to an undetected fault can result in the entire offshore wind farm going down. Given that accessibility for repair and replacement of an offshore transformer is weather dependent and dependent on ship availability, failures can results in extended downtimes for entire offshore wind farms.

Qualitrol have a range of gauges, sensors and monitoring systems designed specifically for the task of offshore monitoring. Combined with our Smart Sub Analytics platform and our Expert Services Team Qualitrol can provide Transformer Monitoring for the most demanding of applications.

With offshore wind firms been difficult to access and of such strategic importance it is critical that remote monitoring be employed to assess the ongoing condition of the asset and to drive effective condition-based maintenance.


Qualitrol have developed a range of products specifically for the Offshore wind farm environment and adapted others for the challenges of this ecosystem, including adding features such as

  1. Corrosion Withstand e.g., C5X.
  2. Vibration and motion immunity or damping.
  3. High level of IP protection.
  4. Compact form.

Key Parameters to monitor for an inaccessible offshore winds farm substation transformer include

  • Pressure rises
  • Temperature swings
  • Liquid level
  • DGA
  • Partial Discharge(PD)
  • Cooling system
  • Core and Winding Temprature
  • Breathing Activity
  • Surveillance des bagues

Offshore Xtream Guages

Qualitrol range of Offshore Xtream gauges can be provided either in hardened 316 Stainless steel or coated to give them C5X protection.
Smart Transformer Breather
  • Various sizes available.
  • Self regenerating.
  • Maintenance free.
  • C5X marine grade coated.
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TM8 Online Gas Chromatography DGA Monitor
  • Powered coated 316 Stainless Steel Enclosure for superior corrasion protection.
  • IP66 rating for dust / salt spray and water ingress.
  • Monitor is supplied with Gas cylinders providing 12+ years’ worth of carrier gas and calibration gas.
  • Lifetime accurate Dissolved Gas Analysis.
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Système de Surveillance du Transformateur QTMS Qualitrol
  • Modular design; full customization of monitoring.
  • Web based software and plug and play modules.
  • Field upgradeable.
  • Multiple mounting and wiring options
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Surveillance des bagues
  • Continuously assess the performance of the insulation in bushings.
  • Accurate and early incipient fault detection.
  • Robust design and excellent interference immunity.
  • Smart and quick real-time alarming.
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Services Xpert

In addition to a large range of Marine hardened products for Offshore Wind Farm Substation monitoring Qualitrol provide you with expertise to mine the data, create health assessments and provide risk profiles for each transformer on the network.

Nous pouvons aussi venir en visite et former votre équipe sur la façon de surveiller correctement et de réguler les transformateurs vous-même, donnant à vos employés plus de responsabilité et une plus grande implication dans la santé de vos actifs.

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Qualitrol Solutions

Qualitrol’s focus on asset condition monitoring has allowed it to develop comprehensive solutions. These solutions have enabled Offshore Wind Power companies to adopt Predictive or Condition Based Maintenance to:

  • Lower maintenance costs.
  • Defer capital expenditures.
  • Reduce the risk of unplanned outages.

Our condition monitoring solutions incorporate many of the latest technologies available in sensors, monitors, communications gateways and algorithms. These core elements are integrated into a condition monitoring platform that provides real time information on asset health, so the risk of unplanned outages is reduced.

En adoptant ces solutions Qualitrol, les risques de défaillance de la sous-station électrique, qui occasionnent des pannes imprévues, sont réduits.

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