Qualitrol 120 Side-Mount Thermometer with 6″ Dial

Thermomètre à tube de Bourdon

Qualitrol 120 Side-Mount Thermometer with 6″ Dial (152.4 mm) is a bourdon tube thermometer equipped with a reset-able maximum temperature pointer and up to 4 adjustable switches (contacts) for control and alarm functions. The Qualitrol 120 Side-Mount Thermometer can be installed in an optional well to allow units to be replaced without lowering the oil level in the tank or disturbing the tank seal.


  • Bourdon tube measurement with resettable maximum pointer
  • Up to 4 user adjustable switches (contacts) for control and alarms
  • 6 inch (150mm) dial face with an angular dial span of 90° for easy viewing
  • Built in spring loaded pointer for switch field testing
  • Large dial face for maximum readability
  • UV-stabilized polycarbonate lens (resists yellowing with age) for lifetime readability
  • Durable design for survivability in harsh environments
  • Molded neoprene channel gasket is uniformly clamped in place, protecting against water entry around entire lens
  • Free-breathing housing reduces internal condensation buildup. Dual breathers act as vacuum breaker to prevent unwanted moisture intake
  • Magnetically coupled maximum pointer is integral with lens for ease of resetting and moisture path elimination
  • Rugged construction with corrosion resistant materials
  • Die-cast aluminum housing resists corrosion with two-part, long-life epoxy finish
  • Up to four switches (contacts) can be set by the factory or can be easily set or changed in the field
  • Dial temperature range, number of switches (4 maximum), switch settings and wiring, electrical connection type, cable/wire types and lengths, probe dimensions, and thermo well characteristics can all be customer specified to meet specific application requirements
  • Mounts directly onto well (pocket)
  • Accès «à une vis»; pince de lunette et lentille facilement enlevées pour atteindre les paramètres de commutateur et le mécanisme de «Quick-test».
  • Maximum temperature pointer follows indicating pointer upward and remains at hottest reading to track high temperature levels. Resets easily with magnetically coupled knob on face of lens
  • ‘Quick-test’ feature enables simple testing of switch actuation and related controlled transformer functions by moving indicating pointer clockwise through switch settings. The no-stress, spring-loaded clutch prevents damage to internal thermometer components


  • Plages de températures applicables à l'huile (liquide) ou d'enroulement simulée (la simulation de température d'enroulement nécessite un doigt de gant chauffé ou une plaque thermique QUALITROL)
  • Up to 4 switches
  • Probe length and compatible well
  • Electrical connection type, connector cable type and wire colors

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For temperature indication with integrated control or alarm functions. Designed for use where the point of measurement (the well or pocket) is on the side of the apparatus and can be easily viewed.

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