Qualitrol 150/151 Side-Mount Thermometer with 4″ Dial


Qualitrol 150/151 Side-Mount Thermometer side-mount thermometer with temperature indication offers clear measurement indication with 4” dial (101 mm) and reset-able maximum pointer. Models can be combined with a well (pocket) to allow units to be replaced without draining or compromising the tank seal. Highly accurate and made of corrosion-resistant materials for harsh environments or for installation in areas not easily serviced.


  • Mesure bimétallique avec index du maximum réinitialisable
  • 4 inch (100mm) dial face
  • Power is not required for function


  • Various temperature ranges
  • Tank connection style, probe length, and diameter, compatible well
  • Sealed or vented lens

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Pour indiquer la température lorsque le point de mesure (doigt de gant) se situe sur le côté du dispositif et peut être visualisé facilement.

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