Qualitrol 121 Direct Mount Thermometer with 4.5″ Dial

Bourdon Tube Thermometer with Flexible Probe

Qualitrol 121 Direct Mount Thermometer with 4.5″ dial (114.3 mm) can be side or top mounted. This bourdon tube thermometer features a swivel probe design that allows for the dial to be angled for more convenient viewing, a reset-able maximum temperature pointer, and up to 3 switches (contacts) for control and alarm functions. Normally installed in an optional well (pocket) that allows units to be replaced or tested without lowering the oil level in the tank or breaking the tank seal.


  • Mesure par tube de Bourdon avec index du maximum réinitialisable
  • Flexible head for side or top-mount applications
  • Up to 2 fully adjustable switches (contacts) and one additional fixed switch for control and alarm functions
  • 5 inch (130 mm) dial face with an angular dial span of 120° for easy viewing
  • Optimize view of temperature indication with a flexible stem
  • Swivel stem provides up to 70 degrees of angular rotation for convenient viewing
  • Vented case design prevents moisture from accumulating under the lens (sealed versions available)
  • La lunette est en polycarbonate moulé stabilisé UV transparent pour une lecture facile, et résistante aux éraflures
  • Equipé d'une face de cadran 4,5 "(114,3 mm) pour une indication de température claire
  • Control and alarm with up to 4 integrated contacts
  • Available with up to 3 switches for alarm, cooling, and/or controlling functions (2 fully adjustable and 1 fixed)
  • Control motors up to 3/4 HP
  • Designed and tested to ensure quality performance
  • A neoprene gasket, integral to the lens and bezel assembly, forms a weather-resistant seal to protect the internal mechanism from the environment
  • Provides accuracy within ±2%
  • Sealed models are rated to NEMA 6, ensuring protection against the weather
  • The magnetically coupled maximum indicating pointer is integral to the polycarbonate lens, providing easy reset without creating a moisture leak path
  • Rugged, epoxy coated, cast-aluminum housing


  • Plages de températures applicables à l'huile (liquide) ou d'enroulement simulée (la simulation de température d'enroulement nécessite un doigt de gant chauffé ou une plaque thermique QUALITROL)
  • Up to 3 switches
  • Tank connection style and probe length, compatible well
  • Electrical connection type, connector cable type, and wire colors

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For temperature indication with integrated control and alarm functions. Designed for use where the point of measurement (the well or pocket) is on the side or top of the apparatus and can be easily viewed.

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