Qualitrol 930 Relais d'Augmentation Rapide de Pression (RPRR)

Conforme à la norme MISE À JOUR NERC-PRC-005-6 en vigueur à compter du 1er janvier 2016

Multi-function, electronic pressure monitor with adjustable pressure sensitive sensors that provide rapid pressure rise detection combined with seal-in relay functionality and static pressure monitoring and control. Features continuous outputs for integration with SCADA systems and remote monitoring. Optional multi-sensor models provide logic based operation to eliminate nuisance trip alarm potential.


  • Field adjustable fast pressure rise and slow pressure settings
  • User selectable contacts for momentary or seal-in actuation with front panel LEDs status indicators
  • Constant milliamp output proportional to tank pressure for remote indication or for use with SCADA systems
  • 3 transducer versions available with various logic schemes for greater flexibility and reliable trip functionality
  • Detection and protection of dangerous pressure conditions
  • Electronic pressure sensors continuously output current pressure level with logic to detect dangerous rapid pressure and static (slow) pressure change events
  • Local LED indication and relay actuation for rapid pressure and static pressure events
  • Selectable seal-in relay function keeps the indicating LEDs lit and relays (contacts) actuated until manually reset
  • Eliminate nuisance operations with adjustable sensitivity and multi-sensor logic
  • Special models feature 2 of 3 logic to trigger a trip signal only if 2 of the 3 pressure sensors experience a pressure event exceeding set points
  • Adjustable fast (rapid) pressure rise and slow pressure rise set points for custom operation for your particular acceptable risk level
  • Momentary or seal-in actuation of control and alarm signals can be selected
  • Sensors feature individual set points to for control schemes to provide alarms prior to trip signals should a pressure event occur (to alert personnel of nonstandard conditions without tripping the unit)
  • Monitor pressure remotely with SCADA outputs
  • Continuous 0-1mA or 4-20 mA output signal is supplied from each channel for remote transformer pressure indication or SCADA system integration
  • Up to 9 SPDT relays (6 for fast pressure rise, 2 for slow pressure rise, 1 for power status)
  • Easy to install with retrofit mounting plates and options for many applications
  • Les capteurs de pression peuvent être montés parmoyen d'un adaptateur de montage à bride pour la modernisation des installations de sortie des relais d'augmentation rapide de pression QualiTROL 900/910 à bride
  • Les capteurs ont un raccord mâle NPT 1/4 ″ pour un montage facile ou une adaptation aux orifices de remplissage existants
  • Sensor are suitable for installation in gas or oil space of transformers
  • Universal power supply accepts any input voltage in the range of 85-265 VAC 50/60 Hz or 110-370 VDC


  • Transducteurs robustes pour les applications très humides
  • Boîtier à l’épreuve des intempéries pour le montage en dehors de l'armoire de commande
  • Logique à capteur unique à ou à capteurs multiples
  • • QUALITROL 900/910 plaque de montage pour remise à niveau
  • Sorties SCADA (0-1 ou 4-20mA

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For use on transformer and load tap changer tanks to sense dangerous fast or slow (static) pressure increases and provide alarm and trip functions.